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"Clinical Lead" redirects here. For the person who currently holds the position, see Serena Campbell and Bernie Wolfe.

The Lead Consultant in Surgical Admissions (Clinical Lead) is a position at Holby City Hospital. A person with this title is in charge of the Department.

The Clinical Lead has a range of responsibilities, including reporting back to the CEO, managing rotas for the doctors and resolving any staffing or budget issues in the department. Although the Clinical Nurse Manager has authority over the nurses, the Clinical Lead also has power over the nursing staff.

The Clinical Lead is selected by the board, and appointed by the hospital's CEO at that time.

List of Clinical Leads

Name Duration Appointed by
Lola Griffin 2005-2008 Board
Linden Cullen 2008-10 Jayne Grayson
Michael Spence 2010-11, 2012-13 Henrik Hanssen
Sacha Levy 2011 Henrik Hanssen
Alex Broadhurst 2012
Ric Griffin 2013-15 Serena Campbell
Serena Campbell 2013, 2015-
Bernie Wolfe 2016- Henrik Hanssen


There is currently no Deputy Lead Consultant due to have two Lead Consultant's of that department.

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