Adrienne McKinnie (died 18 November 2014) was the mother of Serena Campbell.

Time at Holby City Hospital

In May 2014, Adrienne was diagnosed with vascular dementia and Serena became her carer. She struggled to cope when Adrienne's symptoms accelerated and was out of her depth when Adrienne was admitted to the hospital after smashing up mirrors in the house and getting a shard of glass in her leg. Adrienne became more aggressive, while Serena would try to keep the severity of her mother's condition a secret, as she worries that Guy will recognise she cannot cope.

When Adrienne was readmitted to the hospital, Adrian Fletcher and Raf Di Lucca discovered she was covered in bruises. Adrienne then blamed Serena for being aggressive towards her and stealing her rings. Fletch and Raf are placed in the uncomfortable and difficult position of having to confront Serena about Adrienne's allegations. Serena found comfort knowing that she could help influence her mother's care while Adrienne was at the hospital. But she also realised that it was against hospital protocol to treat a family member and handed Adrienne's care over to Raf. When Adrienne's dementia worsened, she had a moment of lucidity and asked Serena to help end her life. Serena was very shocked and upset by her mother's request and refused to do it. Adrienne later took the decision out of Serena's hands by signing a DNR. She died shortly after suffering another stroke.