All Before Them is the 721st episode of Holby City and the 38th episode of the 16th series.


Fully armed with the knowledge that Amy slept with Harry, Raf is a man on a mission. Harry shares his worry with Amy that Raf will fail him on his review, but Amy's far more concerned about saving her relationship. When Raf struggles to deal with a simple resus case, it's a surefire sign that all is not well.

With Colette's stark warning ringing in his ears, a guilty Jesse tries to cool things off with Zosia. When a young boy who Jesse has treated before comes onto the ward, a suspicious Zosia mistakenly believes that Jesse is having an affair with the boy's mother. Determined to keep an eye on her lover, Zosia goes all-out to be involved in the case.

Elliot treats an old man who senses all is not well with the wonderful Professor. Desperate to shut himself away and continue working on improving his Herzig creation, Elliot hands responsibility for the patient over to Mo. Try as he might to ignore the spooky case, Elliot keeps getting drawn back in.

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