Anton Meyer MBBS FRCS FRS is a former Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Clinical Chairman of Darwin ward at Holby City Hospital.

Time at Holby City Hospital (1999-2002)

Meyer's major storylines include operating on his own sister when she falls ill, despite a long-term enmity with his brother-in-law, Greg. He seeks help from his friend, neurologist Professor Charles Merrick, when he fears he may have Motor Neurone Disease, but Merrick deduces he has an easily treatable thyroid problem instead. Merrick's daughter Victoria works on Meyer's firm for a period as a Senior house officer (SHO). When she is murdered by the irate father of one of her patients, Meyer becomes involved when he is trapped in a lift with her killer, James Campbell. Campbell overdoses on pills and dies in the lift before Meyer can revive him to face justice.

At the beginning of series four, Meyer is shot in a road-rage incident on his way to work. The culprit is later admitted to the hospital as a patient, when he crashes his car after trying to flee following the shooting. He tries to escape from the hospital in fear that the police will discover him, and after three attempts at leaving the hospital, he finally achieves his goal but collapses in the hospital car park and dies.

When the parents of Rufus Wooding, a young patient of Meyer's, suddenly withdraw their consent for a complicated operation, total cavo-pulmonary connection (TCPC), Meyer discovers that his SHO, Sam Kennedy, has intervened and persuaded the parents not to go ahead with surgery. Believing that his authority has been undermined, Meyer promptly fires her. Kennedy threatens to go to the press if Meyer is not investigated, so the hospital Board begin an enquiry, during which Meyer is suspended. The investigation is headed by Meyer's old friend and rival, Tom Campbell-Gore. It concluded that Meyer's clinical skills were exemplary and unquestionable, although the Board, aware that Meyer's penchant for taking extremely difficult cases has made hospital death rates appear bad, remove Meyer's discretion to decide when to operate in such cases. This decision angers Meyer, who argues that he performs operations that are in the interests of the patients not league tables. The Board also relieve Meyer of his registrar Alex Adams. Meyer resigns to work in Michigan to develop an artificial heart, while Campbell-Gore takes his post at Holby.

Behind the scenes

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George Irving is one of the original cast of Holby City, Irving was in the medical drama from 1999 until 2002. He also made a crossover to Casualty for 1 episode in 2002. Template:Nav-Anton