Benjamin "Ben" Chiltern, known by his nickname "Lofty", is a staff nurse who works on the AAU of Holby City Hospital in May 2017. He initially worked in the hospital's emergency department from 2014 to 2016.

Lofty's grandmother Sheilagh Chiltern is introduced as a recurring character in the episode "Hanssen is as Hanssen Does".

In the 2018 episode "Ache" Lofty begins dating Registrar Dominic Copeland following encouragement from his grandmother.

Later in the episode “The way we are” the strength of his relationship with Dom is tested after a ghost from Doms past comes back to haunt him but their relationship holds.

His relationship is tested once more with Dominic Copeland’s hepatitis C diagnosis but it continues to hold strong.

In the episode “Two for joy” Dom and Lofty propose to each other and are now engaged to be married.

Behind the scenes

Lee Mead initially portrayed Lofty on Casualty from 2014 to 2016. He will return to the role on Holby City in 2017. Mead announced on Twitter that he is "likely to be around end of may".