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Cameron Dunn is a Foundation Year 1 doctor who worked on AAU. He is portrayed by Nic Jackman, he made his first appearance in "Indefensible" which first aired on 4 August 2016.

Time at Holby City Hospital

We first saw Cameron in August 2016, in a homeless shelter helping by handing out cooked food alongside Morven, after they get to know a bit more about each other Morven finds out that he used to be a foundation doctor. She later tries to convince Cameron to join up to his foundation again. Cameron later begins work at Holby City alongside his mother (Bernie) on AAU, where he then bumps into Morven. As time goes on Cameron and Morven begin to have a relationship - but he suddenly leaves Holby for a job elsewhere.


Cameron will return to Holby City in Spring 2017, it is yet unknown what his position will be.