Sunny, big-hearted and naïve, daddy's girl Chantelle Lane is fresh out of training. Her vivacity and instinctive empathy will always win her friends, and she spreads sunshine wherever she goes, but will she be able to preserve her idealism in the cut-throat sink-or-swim world of frontline medicine?


Chantelle was an agency nurse fresh out of training who is eventually given a permanent staff position on Keller. Her friendly and dutiful manner have seen her take responsibility for failures that were not her fault. Chantelle leaves after realizing that Arthur feels more for her than she for him meaning they couldn't work together so one of them had to leave and so she decided it must be her. Chantelle gets on a bus and leaves after kissing him goodbye during his surprise birthday party. She suggests that she will travel around the world "possibly Ibiza, Thailand, Tibet".

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