Christopher Sutherland is a former CEO of Holby City Hospital.

Time at Holby City Hospital

He offers a consultancy position to Abra Durant, which he almost immediately revokes when Abra proved uncompliant with the will of the board - opposing Sutherland's plans to reserve one operating theatre for emergency cases only. He is instrumental in Abra's departure - hiring Dan Clifford to uncover the corruption he suspects within the general surgery department. He also convinces Connie Beauchamp not to leave Holby for Sweden by securing extra funding for the cardiothoracic department. He is seen to pit rival surgeons Dan Clifford and Ric Griffin against one another upon Ric's return from a sabbatical in Uganda. Towards the end of his tenure, he fires Lola Griffin after she proves resistant to hectic AAU workloads and attempts to cause drama in the local press about departmental overcrowding. When Sutherland refuses to pay for agency nurses, leading to a work to rule day amongst the nursing staff, Elliot Hope calls a vote of no confidence against him, and he is subsequently dismissed and replaced by Jayne Grayson.