Consultants are doctors who have been placed on the specialist register in their chosen speciality. They are referred to as Mr./Ms./Mrs. if they are consultant surgeons and as Dr. if they are non-surgical consultants.

Current consultants

Former Consultants

Name Specialty Ward(s)
Mike Barratt General Surgery Keller
Diane Lloyd General Surgery Keller
Linden Cullen General Surgery AAU
Fleur Fanshawe General Surgery Keller
Michael Spence General Surgery Keller & AAU
Nick Jordan General Surgery Keller
Anton Meyer Cardiothoracic Surgery Darwin
Connie Beauchamp Cardiothoracic Surgery Darwin
Muriel McKendrick Cardiology Darwin
Janice Taylor Pediatrics Otter
Abra Durant General Surgery AAU & Keller
Lola Griffin critical care/post-operative care AAU & Keller
Serena Campbell General Surgery AAU
Mo Effanga Cardiothoracic Surgery Darwin

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