A core training doctor (also core trainee) is a junior doctor position. Doctors enter the core programme after completing the foundation programme. It's divided into 2 positions: core training year 1 doctor (also CT1/CTY1, core training 1 or first year core trainee) and core training year 2 doctor (also CT2/CTY2, core training 2 or second year core trainee). The position was previously known as house officer. After completing the core programme, doctors will carry on as registrars or third year specialist training doctors)

Current core trainees in Holby City:

Former core trainees in Holby City:

  • Arthur Digby - CT1&2, Keller/AAU/Keller (2014-2016, until his death)
  • Harry Tressler - CT1&2, AAU (2013-2015, until his promotion to registrar)
  • Oliver Valentine - CT1, Darwin (2012-2013, until his resignation)

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