"'Cover Story'" is the 785th episode of Holby City and the 51st episode of the 17th series.


Cara's pulled up short when her husband Jed turns up on the ward as an undercover cop. She soon realises that the case is complex when she meets Sean and his pregnant wife Nicole. Covering for her husband while on duty, she soon realises that he's more involved than she initially thought...

Adele's first day back at work goes off with a bang when she's reacquainted with an old friend who she worked with as a holiday rep - back in the day! Determined to put a brave face on things since her brutal attack, she forges ahead with her working day.

Sacha and Dom are put off when Jesse says he doesn't want a work stag do, but when he gets involved with a patient's case, he soon warms to his new Keller family, and they decide to celebrate after all!

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