Culture Shock is the 581st episode of Holby City and the second episode of the fourteenth series.


Sahira is tired of the new micro-management regime Hanssen has employed. But when Kris Swann arrives as Sir Fraser's management consultant, Hanssen is less than pleased and rallies support from the team. But Sahira is determined to treat her patients as best she knows how, until she realises how much pressure Hanssen really is under.

Sacha is forced to block out his team on AAU, and remain secretive about the results of a patient's CT scan, in their best interests. When Chrissie suspects Sacha knows more than he's letting on, she goes behind his back to prove the patient's diagnosis is wrong. Who will be right?

Chantelle doesn't get off to a good start in the day when she crashes into Ric's car. With the help of Elizabeth, can Ric's mood change as the day goes on?