Below is a list of the current characters and recently departed characters of Holby City. There are currently 17 regular cast members in the show. The oldest cast member is Hugh Quarshie who plays Ric Griffin, who made his first appearance in September 2001. Note that "first appearance" doesn't necessarily mean they became a regular on the show at this point, as it could have just been a guest appearance.

Ric Griffin

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Ric Griffin is a Consultant General Surgeon and AAU Clinical Lead. He is also the former acting CEO of Holby City Hospital.

Ric is a moral and principled man of the NHS, he is an idealistic crusader who would take on any man for something he believes in. Ric is an excellent surgeon, a noble and selfless medical hero.

But with fractured family relationships and a string of broken marriages behind him, sometimes Ric regrets bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Donna Jackson

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Donna Jackson is a Senior Staff Nurse, who is currently working on AAU at Holby City Hospital.

Donna arrived at Holby City Hospital in 2004, she left the wards of Holby City in 2011. Donna returned back to Holby's AAU ward in June 2017.

Jac Naylor

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Jacqueline "Jac" Naylor (born 19 April) is a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and the current Lead Consultant in Cardiothoracics of Holby City Hospital. She initially joined the hospital's Keller Ward in 2005 as a general surgical registrar, but transferred to Darwin to specialise in cardiothoracics in 2008. In 2011, she became a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, and went on to become the Clinical Lead three years later.

In 2005, she was initially unsuccessful in obtaining the permanent registrar post, but returned just weeks later having been offered the job. Following her job offer, she immediately made a large impact on the other members of staff. In the following years at the hospital, she had relationships with several other staff members including Joseph Byrne, Lord Byrne, Jonnie Maconie and Guy Self. In 2014, she gave birth to a daughter, Emma, with Jonnie Maconie.

Oliver Valentine

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Oliver Valentine is a Specialist Registrar in Cardiothoracic Surgery, currently working on Darwin ward at Holby City Hospital.

Once careless and cock-sure, Oliver Valentine is now a crisp, reserved and capable man of experience, his personal life having been marred by tragedy. First he lost his sister, Penny, then his wife, Tara, all within the walls of Holby. Some might question why he’d want to return to a place with so many ghosts, but Ollie has a natural talent for surgery, and can’t help feeling drawn towards his new colleague, Zosia.

Sacha Levy

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Sacha Levy (born 6 September 1966) is a consultant general surgeon who currently works on the Keller Ward of Holby City Hospital.

A lovable bear of a man, Sacha Levy's capacity to enjoy life is equalled only by his compassion, he works to live and lives to help people, not to climb the greasy pole. But don't let the laid back jocular exterior fool you! Underneath this larger-than-life facade beats a lion's heart, deftly protecting all that he holds dear.

Henrik Hanssen

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Henrik Love Hanssen (né Lövborg) is a consultant in general surgery and the current Chief Executive Officer of Holby City Hospital.

Highly intellectual and enigmatic, Swedish-born Hanssen is the epitome of an exceptional leader with razor-sharp focus and meticulous surgical skill. Hanssen’s aloof manner and dry wit belie an often perceptive and compassionate nature but he would never dream of revealing any private moments of weakness. An omniscient and steadfast presence, Holby is safe in

Dominic Copeland

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Dominic "Dom" Copeland is a Specialist Registrar in General Surgery who currently works on the Keller Ward of Holby City Hospital.

Troubled and trouble in equal measure, Dom's a wily schemer who is always working an angle. Intelligent and sharp-witted, he's actually very sensitive and is easily wounded, often believing himself to be the victim and justifying his actions as self-defence.

Fiercely protective of, and generous towards, those he favours, Dom can also be surly and vindictive towards those he feels have betrayed him. When it comes to fact versus fiction, Dom prefers to glamorise.

Complicated, unpredictable and deliciously wicked, one thing’s for sure: things are a lot more interesting when Dom's around.

Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher

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Adrain "Fletch" Fletcher is the current Director of Nursing of Holby City Hospital. He joined AAU as Ward Manager in 2014 shortly after departing his job as a senior staff nurse in the hospital's Emergency Department.

Straight-talking and nobody’s fool, Fletch can dish out tough love when he needs to, but behind it he’s as big-hearted as they come; a dedicated dad always willing to go the extra mile for those in need…

Essie Harrison

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Estelle "Essie" Harrison (also Di Lucca) is a staff nurse at Holby City Hospital, she first arrived on the 6 May 2014.

As a female friend, she's a rock – there’s no earthly wrong that a bucket of wine and a drunken dance can’t right. As a girlfriend, she’s spontaneous, emboldening and fun, though secretly struggles with the fact that Sacha has two demanding ex-wives and three children. Essie’s independence is sometimes a threat to Sacha; he likes to feel depended upon.

In turn, Sacha is driven nuts by her slatternly domestic ways. Essie leaves a trail of girly devastation whenever she gets ready to go out. It reminds him of his daughters!

Ben "Lofty" Chiltern

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Benjamin "Lofty" Chiltern is a senior staff nurse who started working on the Keller Ward of Holby City Hospital in May 2017. He initially worked in the hospital's emergency department from 2014 to 2016.

Roxanna MacMillan

Roxanna MacMillan is the clinical lead of Darwin Neurosurgical Unit and a consultant neurosurgeon who started working on Holby General on 24 October 2017. She had previously worked there in 2013.

John Gaskell

Professor John Gaskell is a professor of neurosurgery and the Director of Surgical Innovations who started working on the neurosurgical unit of Darwin Ward of Holby City Hospital on 5 December 2017.


Image Character Actor Current occupation Ward Arrival
(first appearance as series regular)
Ric Griffin Hugh Quarshie Lead Consultant in Surgical Admissions and Consultant General Surgeon AAU 02001-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr 9 October 2001 16 years, 5 months and 6 days
Donna Jackson Jaye Jacobs Senior Staff Nurse AAU 02004-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr 16 March 2004 13 years, 11 months and 27 days[1]
Jac Naylor Rosie Marcel Director of Cardiothoracics and Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon Darwin 02005-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr 22 November 2005 12 years, 3 months and 21 days
Oliver Valentine James Anderson Specialist Registrar, Cardiothoracics Darwin 02009-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr 9 June 2009 8 years, 9 months and 6 days[2]
Sacha Levy Bob Barrett Lead Consultant in General Surgery, Consultant General Surgeon and Clinical Skills Tutor Keller 02010-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr 5 January 2010 8 years, 2 months and 10 days
Henrik Hanssen Guy Henry Chief Executive Officer,

Consultant General Surgeon

Executive/Keller 02010-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr 19 October 2010 7 years, 4 months and 24 days[3]
Dominic Copeland David Ames Specialist Registrar, General Surgery Keller 02014-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr 14 January 2014 4 years, 2 months and 1 day
Adrian Fletcher Alex Walkinshaw Director of Nursing Darwin 02014-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr 12 August 2014 3 years, 7 months and 3 days
Essie Harrison Kaye Wragg Staff Nurse Keller 02015-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr 7 April 2015 2 years, 11 months and 8 days
Ben Chiltern-0
Ben Chiltern Lee Mead Staff Nurse AAU 02017-Template:MONTH-Template:0expr 16 May 2017 9 months and 27 days
Roxanna MacMillan Hermione Guildford Clinical Lead (Neurosurgical Unit), Consultant Neurosurgeon Neurosurgical Unit (Darwin) 24 October 2017 4 months and 19 days
John Gaskell
John Gaskell Paul McGann Professor of Neurosurgery, Director of Surgical Innovations Neurosurgical Unit (Darwin) 5 December 2017 3 months and 10 days


  1. Donna departed in 2011; returned in 2017.
  2. Oliver departed in 2013; returned in 2014.
  3. Henrik departed 2013; returned in 2015.