Dan Hamilton is a former Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, at Holby City Hospital.

He is seemingly self-assured, Orthopod Dan Hamilton gets his kicks from fixing bones and rebuilding people, scoffing at those who consider his job basic medical carpentry. Dan is a quintessential rugby chap who enjoyed a traditional middle class upbringing and in turn expects the house, the wife and the career. He is desperate to prove himself as a newly appointed consultant, but in fleeting moments Dan lacks courage - does this unreconstructed man really know who he is and what he wants?

Time at Holby City Hospital

Dan is introduced a few days into his new role as a consultant and is an old friend of registrar Greg Douglas. He starts mentoring ward sister Chrissie Williams, during her nurse consultant training. He has a hard time teaching her the importance of delegation in a consultant role. They become close and later start dating. Chrissie becomes stressed with the pressure of work, so Dan organises a trip abroad. He later realises she wants to relax, so he cancels and his relationship with Chrissie strengthens. The father of Chrissie's child, registrar Sacha Levy finds it hard to accept that Chrissie has moved on. The situation worsens when they have conflicting views on medicine. Dan decides to put his surgeon skills to the test when consultant Ric Griffin challenges him to complete his list of operations first. Feeling competitive, Dan rushes through an operation and makes an error. He gets Ric to step in to save the patient, with Ric taking the blame. Dan starts to feel like his relationship with Chrissie isn't going anywhere fast, so he invites her around to consummate their relationship. Chrissie is annoyed by Dan pressuring her, he tries to make things right again.

Registrar Antoine Malick begins a rivalry with Dan after he undermines him over the treatment of a patient. Tensions build when he learns that Malick is gay. He secretly treats his injured rugby team mate Sean Foster with steroids. Malick and Chrissie criticise his actions and Malick threatens to report him. Sean develops necrotizing fasciitis as a result and Dan is forced to operate, ruining Sean's career. A fight ensues between the two and Dan kisses Malick. He then runs to Chrissie and confesses his love for her. Dan asks Malick to forget the kiss and attempts to avoid him. They are forced to operate together. Dan undermines him in theatre, the pair fight once more. After more competitiveness, Dan ignores Malick's medical advice dangering a patient. Malick is angered by his attitude and punches Dan, injuring his face in the process.