Danny Shaughnessy is a former Health Care Assistant at Holby City Hospital.


Danny works alongside his mother, ward sister Kath. he has relationships with Victoria Merrick and Diane Lloyd, and later trains as a student nurse on Otter ward. He eventually leaves to start a new life in Australia.

Time at Holby City Hospital

In S4 E42, Lisa has to move into the nursing quarters because the lease on her house has expired. She considers Mubbs’ offer to move into his spare bedroom although she really doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Luckily, Sandy has been nagging Danny about paying his share of the bills at their house so Danny invites Lisa to move in with them.

In S5 E3, Lisa and Danny get drunk at Tom’s party and end up sleeping together. In S5 E4, Lisa and Danny wake up in bed together. Lisa seems to think that it’s the start of a new relationship, but Danny’s not so sure. Lisa says he needs to break free from Diane with whom he’s dating – when Diane comes bursting in. She’s clearly upset, and it’s awkward for both of them. Later Danny turns Lisa down. In S5 E5, Sandy accidentally starts a fire at their flat after a party. In S5 E6, a seriously angry Lisa tells Danny that Sandy hasn’t been paying the insurance payments, so they can’t claim insurance from the fire. She rages at Sandy calling her an idiot, but later apologises.

In S5 E13, Kath helps ease Terry’s suffering at the beach house at New Year. As he slips away, Lisa is at a party and kisses Danny, unaware of the news that will follow. In S5 E14, Lisa is in mourning but still goes to work. Later she visits Kath and they comfort eachother. In S5 E15, Lisa attends her father’s funeral. Lisa’s mother is angry when she finds out Kath will get most of Terry’s inheritance. In S5 E16, Lisa asks Mubbs how easy it would be to steal drugs from the hospital, and admits that she thinks Kath helped Terry die – it just seemed too perfect. Lisa says she’ll find out the truth, but Mubbs tells her just to get some grief counselling. Later she clashes with Danny and reports her fears to the police. In S5 E17, the police come in to question Kath. With some evidence, Lisa gives them permission to exhume Terry’s body to get any proof they need. Danny tells her it won’t bring him back. In S5 E18, it’s the day of Terry’s post mortem. Lisa is feeling guilty about if she did the right thing. Kath is later charged with his murder. Later Lisa and Danny clash again in the bar.

In S5 E32, Danny tries to make it up with Lisa before he heads to Australia.

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