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The Director of Cardiothoracics (Clinical Lead) is a position at Holby City Hospital. A person with this title is in charge of the Cardiothoracic Department and equal to other Lead Consultants.

The Clinical Lead has a range of responsibilities, including reporting back to the CEO, managing rotas for the doctors and resolving any staffing or budget issues in the department. Although the Clinical Nurse Manager has authority over the nurses, the Clinical Lead also has power over the nursing staff.

The longest-serving Clinical Lead of Darwin to date is Elliot Hope who held the position from 2005-06 then again from 2010-14 he later got reinstated by Guy Self in 2015 until he departed that same year.

The Clinical Lead is selected by the board, and appointed by the hospital's CEO at that time.

List of Clinical Leads

Name Duration Appointed by
Anton Meyer 1999-2002 Board
Tom Campbell-Gore 2002-04 Board
Elliot Hope 2005-06,



Board (2005)

Henrik Hanssen (2010)

Guy Self (2015)

Connie Beauchamp 2006-2010 Board
Jac Naylor 2014-15, 2015-17, 2017- Guy Self (2014)

Elliot Hope (2015)
Henrik Hanssen (2017)

Mo Effanga (Acting) 2016 Henrik Hanssen
Mo Effanga 2017 Henrik Hanssen
Matteo Rossini 2017 Henrik Hanssen

Deputy Clinical Lead

The Deputy Lead Consultant in Cardiothoracics (Deputy Clinical Lead) is the next person in charge after the Clinical Lead. Should the Clinical Lead be absent for whatever reason, the authority is passed onto the deputy. The position is vacant since the departure of Matteo Rossini

The deputy can be appointed by the CEO at the time or directly by the current Clinical Lead.

List of Deputy Clinical Leads

Name Duration Appointed by
Connie Beauchamp 2004-06 Elliot Hope
Elliot Hope 2006-2010, 2014-15 Connie Beauchamp
Jac Naylor
Jac Naylor 2010-14, 2015 Elliot Hope
Mo Effanga 2016-17 Jac Naylor
Matteo Rossini 2017 Mo Effanga