Davina McKenzie was the deputy and later acting CEO of Holby City Hospital. She first appeared on 11 November 2008 and was portrayed by Sarah Winman.

Time at Holby City Hospital

She was called by AAU consultant Linden Cullen on 11 November 2008 to hear him out and possibly secure funding from the board to treat a patient called Cally Taylor. She refuses as it was too expensive. She also told nurse Donna Jackson that the annual Christmas party would be cancelled as the executives are taken to a fancy dinner instead making her unpopular by Donna, nurse Maria Kendall, Darwin consultants Connie Beauchamp and Elliot Hope.

She reappeared in 2010 as the acting CEO of the hospital after Vanessa Lytton had left. She was fighting against nurse consultant Mark Williams for the CEO job and lost to him. She said that she'd "make a damn good deputy" for him but didn't appear again.