A list of deceased Holby regulars and long time recurring characters. The first regular character to die was Victoria Merrick who was stabbed to death in her flat by a patient's father who could not accept his daughter's death. The latest regular character to die was Jasmine Burrows, who was pushed while having a scalpel in her pocket which caused to penetrate her liver. She was found by fellow F1 Damon Ford, who rushed her into AAU where she told her final words to her sister Jac Naylor and was taken to theatre where in 6 hours time, she died.

Character Role at Death Date of Death and Episode Cause of Death
Victoria Merrick Senior House Officer, Pediatrics 8th May 2001

"Getting Even"

Ben Saunders Midwife, Maternity 22nd April 2003

"Desperate Measures"

Car Crash
Steve Waring Charge Nurse, AAU 6th May 2003

"Going it Alone"

Post-Op Complications from a Car Crash
Nic Yorke Staff Nurse 30th December 2003

"Never Can Say Goodbye"

Kelly Yorke Staff Nurse 27th January 2004

"Forgive and Forget"

Alistair Taylor Locum Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Darwin 28th December 2004

Casualty@Holby City - Part Two

Jumped from 5th Floor to not catch fire that has spread to the wards from the ED
Will Curtis Specialist Registrar, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Darwin 5th April 2005

"Shock to the Heart"

Impaled by a pole and later dies of post-op complications
Gina Hope Relative, Patient, Darwin 17th October 2006


Assisted Suicide
Tricia Williams Staff Nurse, Darwin 21st November 2006 "The Unforgiven" Post-op complications from a car crash
Diane Lloyd Locum Consultant General Surgeon, Keller 19th June 2007

"Close Relations"

Car collision with Train Accident/Suicide (Real reason unknown)
Charles, Lord Byrne Former Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Relative 31st July 2007

"Temporary Insanity"

Heart Failure
Maddy Young Senior House Officer, General Surgery, Keller 26th May 2009 "Just a Perfect Day" Stabbed
Linden Cullen Clinical Lead, Consultant General Surgeon, AAU 12th October 2010

"Misfit Love"

Hit to the back of the head with a glass bottle
Penny Valentine Foundation Training Y2, AAU 12th April 2011

"Boy Valentine, Girl Valentine"

Train cart collapses onto her
Sunil Bhatti Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Darwin 11th October 2011

"PS Elliot"

Car Crash
Tara Lo Foundation Training Y1, Darwin 16th April 2013

"Great Expectations"

Brain Tumor
Bonnie Wallis Staff Nurse, Darwin 1st April 2014

"The Cruellest Month"

Car Accident
Arthur Digby Core Training Y2, Keller 7th June 2016

"I'll Walk You Home"

Melanoma Cancer
Jasmine Burrows Foundation Training Y1, AAU 20th June 2017

"For You May Be the Next to Die"

Pushed by Fran Reynolds, which caused a scalpel, that was in Jasmine's pocket, to penetrate her liver.

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