Derwood "Mr T" Thompson is a Consultant Obstetrician.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2012 - 2017)

In January 2017, Mr T was ready to marry the love of his life Inga, on the day of the wedding Henrik became the best man after Mo decided not to be his best man. After finding out about Inga not being pregnant with his baby, Mr T's mum (Birdie Thompson) announced the truth. With Mo giving birth at his wedding venue Jac by her side, now in the swimming tub Mr T climbs in to help Mo as she is giving birth, after announcing their undying love for each other. Mo gave birth to a baby boy on the 3rd January 2017 and they decided to call him Charlie Effanga Thompson.

Behind the scenes

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Ben Hull currently portrays Mr T in Holby City from 2012, he has also made an appearance in sister show Casualty in 2015. Ben was originally supposed to appear in one episode, but became a recurring cast member. He explained "I actually popped in and did one episode and they asked me to do another, then three, then six or nine."[1]

Ben was originally credited as Jake Thompson in 2012, since 2013 he has been credited as Mr T, Mr Thompson or Derwood Thompson. Ben is not a main character in the show but is a recurring guest character.