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Diane Lloyd was a consultant general surgeon on the hospital's Keller ward from 2002 until her death in 2007. She started as a general surgical registrar on 2nd July, 2002 replacing Tash Bandara. She appeared in the Africa special episode Tuesday's Child filmed in Ghana in 2005 with Ric Griffin.

Time at Holby City (2002-07)

Diane has a disastrous love life, dating a number of hospital staff and marrying consultant obstetrician Owen Davies, who has an affair with his ex-wife, ward sister Chrissie Williams. Diane's storylines include a fling with nurse Danny Shaughnessy, aborting the child of Steve Waring and miscarrying Owen's child, the death of her sister, and facing an old medical schools teacher of hers who raped her. She also has an on/off relationship with Ric Griffin, who proposed marriage to her before her arrival in the serial, only to be turned down. Diane is promoted to locum general surgical consultant following the departure of Abra Durant. When the stress of the job becomes too much for her and Diane feels betrayed by Ric, she hands in her resignation. Consultant Elliot Hope suggests she take a sabbatical and lends her his wife's, Gina's car and a cottage to house-sit for a few months. Diane accepts the offer, but then Elliot gets a call from the police who tell her that Diane is dead after a collision with a train and Elliot gives the news to Connie and later Ric, who announces it to the Keller team who are shocked to hear about it.


  • She was the first ever female consultant general surgeon on the show.
  • She was also the first ever regular character to commit suicide.
  • Her father is named Oliver and her mother is named Carol.
  • In her funeral, Oliver Lloyd marks that he can't believe he has lost both his daughters.