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The Director of Surgery of Holby City Hospital is an executive member of the hospital's management, who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer. The Director of Surgery is responsible for monitorin the non-clinical directors and department heads as well as making major budget cuts from the ground. Since Henrik Hanssen dissolved the role of director of surgery and added it as job tasks of the CEO, there is no directors of surgery since 2013.

Before the introduction of this role, the hospital's medical director had similar duties, but focusing not only on surgery but all care providing wards of the hospital. The title was used from 2001 until 2007 and again since 2017.

Ric Griffin, general surgical consultant and clinical lead of Keller ward, got the job in 2008, candidating against Michael Spence, Connie Beauchamp, Elliot Hope and Linden Cullen. Connie was ready to support his candidacy if he'd resign after 6 months and give the job to her. He however, didn't want to give the job to Connie and pretended that he has to give 3 months notice. Ric introduced a zero tolerance policy in the hospital with many criticising the policy. When CEO Jayne Grayson sees him arguing with F1 junior doctor Penny Valentine, she readvertises the post.

In 2009, Jayne lets Connie know that she is her choice for the job, but Michael and consultant anestheist Keith Greene were also candidating for the job. When Jayne finds out that her husband is having an affair with Connie, she appoints Michael as the new director of surgery. In 2010, the job is split into two when it seems that Michael might not be up for the job and Ric is made joint director of surgery. When Ric's cancer takes the best of him, Connie replaces him. Connie soon is promoted sole director of surgery when Michael is seen hitting Ric outside the hospital.

In 2010, Henrik Hanssen arrives and tells Connie that the job has been split again so there wouldn't be much stress caused by the job. Connie soon resigns from the position and leaves the hospital, which causes Henrik to take the job as a whole.

In 2013, before resigning, Henrik dissolves the job of director of surgery.

List of Directors of Surgery

Name Duration Appointed by
Ric Griffin (Sole, later Joint with Michael) 2008-09, 2010 Jayne Grayson, Mark Williams
Michael Spence (Sole, later joint with Ric, later with Connie) 2009-10 Jayne Grayson
Connie Beauchamp (Joint with Micheal, later sole, then joint with Henrik) 2010 Mark Williams
Henrik Hanssen 2010-13 Department of Health Board