Dominic "Dom" Copeland is a general surgical registrar who currently works on the Keller Ward of Holby City Hospital.

Troubled and trouble in equal measure, Dom's a wily schemer who is always working an angle. Intelligent and sharp-witted, he's actually very sensitive and is easily wounded, often believing himself to be the victim and justifying his actions as self-defence.

Fiercely protective of, and generous towards, those he favours, Dom can also be surly and vindictive towards those he feels have betrayed him. When it comes to fact versus fiction, Dom prefers to glamorise.

Complicated, unpredictable and deliciously wicked, one thing’s for sure: things are a lot more interesting when Dom's around.

Time at Holby City Hospital

Dom arrives on Keller Ward while Antoine Malick is in charge. He develops an attraction to Malick and they kiss. But when Malick rebuffs further advances, Dom becomes vengeful. When Malick acts on a DNR on an infamous serial killer, Amanda Layton, Dom fabricates the version of events. He later lies in court to ruin Malick's career. But when he is found out he is suspended.

Dom returns to work on Keller Ward which causes friction with Malick's friend F2 Arthur Digby. But he quickly befriends FT1 Zosia March who invites him to move in with herself and Arthur. When Arthur is left in charge of Keller, Dom undermines him and gets him into trouble with registrar and mentor Sacha Levy. But Dom and Arthur's behaviour sees them both reprimanded by their mentor. When Arthur continues to rival Dom on the ward, he insinuates that he will commit suicide which makes Arthur back off. Dom treats a patient whose mother drowned whilst saving his pet dog. Dom insults Zosia over her dead mother. When she demands to know why he has taken issue, he recants the patient's story claiming that his mother died under the same circumstances. Dom is confronted with an old school friend and he tries to remove him from the ward. Arthur questions him and exposes Dom's lies about his mother. But Zosia is not bothered and only finds him more fascinating. Dom volunteers to do a shift on AAU, fails impress deputy CEO Serena Campbell and spars with CT2 Harry Tressler. Dom is attacked by a patient using a false identity. He manages to prevent her from leaving the hospital - a move which saves her life and earns respect from Serena.