Eddi Mckee is a former senior staff nurse at Holby City Hospital.

She is sassy, no-nonsense tomboy rarely wears make-up and claims not to care what other people think about her - but might Eddi be hiding a vulnerable, compassionate side behind her cynical, ironic sense of humour? Eddi believes in rigidly maintaining professional and personal boundaries; at work, she's a strict but fair boss who never gets too attached to her patients, but when Eddi takes off her uniform and lets her hair down, she really lets her hair down.

Time at Holby City Hospital

Eddi arrived at Holby with Ian Ross, who had been in an accident. When she revealed that she was a nurse, Sacha Levy carjoled her into working in AAU with him. During her shift, Eddi managed to make the ward work more efficiently and controlled the chaos. Seeing that Eddi could be an asset to the hospital, Sacha then offered her a permanent job at Holby, and she accepted.

In March 2012, Eddi's younger brother, Liam, arrived. Eddi was spooked when a female patient revealed personal details about her, but she then saw the patient kissing Liam. Eddi was not comfortable with Liam's arrival and it was revealed that Eddi ran away from home to escape their alcoholic mother, leaving Liam to pick up the pieces. Knowing that Liam had been in trouble with the police, Eddi worried that he had run away. She then decided to fix things with her brother by calling his youth rehabilitation scheme to organise his transfer to Holby.

When Liam began a work placement on the wards, Eddi struggled with his effect on her professional life. Eddi did not trust him, even though he claimed he was on his best behaviour. Luc Hemingway reckoned that Liam needed a helping hand, but Eddi could not see it because she is his sister and had been "emotionally polluted" by their upbringing. Liam and Luc were forming a bond which annoyed Eddi even more. When Liam began to neglect his duties on AAU to watch Luc in surgery, Eddi became frustrated with him and at one point she pulled him out of theatre and asked him to leave the hospital. Luc then offered to become Liam's mentor.

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