Elinor "Ellie" Campbell (died January 2017) was the daughter of Serena and Edward Campbell. She died in January 2017 after suffering from a severe brain injury.

She first appeared in "Last Day on Earth" then reappears in 2016 when making an university video of Holby City Hospital, she spent the day filming the doctor and nurses on AAU and even caused a fight between 2 patients. She was later caught in the toilets taking cocanine by Jasmine Burrows. Jasmine said her secret was safe, Elinor then told Jasmine that she was going to see the emergency department in action for the night, Jasmine told her to stay away from Cal Knight as she had her eye on him.

In a strop the following week, Elinor went to drive off but accidentally hit Jason in her car when he tried to save Serena. She insisted to Jasmine that she was fine and put a halt to her routine check. Elinor later fainted in the toilets after suffering major brain damage and they had to operate right away. Despite Bernie's best efforts, her injuries were too severe and she later died.