"Leap in the Dark"
"Quality Time"
"Promises to Keep"
"Team Holby"
"Horse to Water"
"Taking Liberties"
"If The Heart Lies"
"Something's Gotta Give"
"Under the Radar"
"Elliot's Wonderful Life"
"Proceed With Caution"
"The Professionals"
"Home Truths"
"To Have and to Hold"
"Break Away"
"And That's What Really Hurts"
"Now We Are Lonely"
"Too Close for Comfort"
"Stand by Me"
"Talk to Me"
"A Glorious Reunion"
"Stop All the Clocks"
"...And the Devil Makes Three"
"Too Cold to Crash and Burn"
"Downstairs Upstairs"
"The Butterfly Effect - Part One"
"Taking Over"
"Til the Grave"
"Queen's Gambit"
"Eastern Promise"
"Fault Lines"
"Heart of Hope"
"The Spirit..."
"A Heart Man"
"Star Crossed Lovers"
"The Art of Losing"
"Domino Effect"
"Speak True"
"At First I Was Afraid"