"Emotionally Yours" is the 837th episode of Holby City and the 50th episode of the 18th series. It was preceded by "Say a Little Prayer" and followed by "Life in the Freezer". The episode was directed by Jamie Annett and written by Chris Murray.


Dominic is perturbed when Isaac’s former surgical mentor is admitted. Despite the existence of a wife, it’s clear there’s a personal connection between the two men. Is Dom prepared to accept Isaac’s past?

Jasmine is keen to impress Jac professionally and make a connection with her half-sister personally. But will Jac’s public acknowledgement of their relationship bring them together or drive them further apart?

Ric is dispatched by Hanssen to deal with the estranged wife of the local MP - the feisty, French Francoise. Will Ric allow himself to succumb to her Gallic charms?