Ethan Hardy (born Michael; 28 November 1986) is a specialist registrar in emergency medicine who has worked at Holby City ED since 2014.

Interference on the Wards (2016)

In June 2016, he went up to the wards to congratulate Arthur and Morven on them leaving, and took part in a dance along with various other staff members. Fletch later told Ethan and Arthur what a resemblance they had. Later that day, Ethan saw Arthur in the corridor and they shared a joke before Ethan returned to the ED.

The following week, Ethan attended Arthur's funeral service at the church. However, he and many of the other staff had to leave early due to the fact their pagers were going off, indicating that they were needed back at the hospital. That evening, Ethan attended Arthur's wake at the pub across from the hospital.

Behind the scenes

George Rainsford currently portrays Ethan Hardy on Casualty as a series regular. He appeared on Holby City as the character for two episodes in June 2016.


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