"Every Dog Has Its Day" is the 720th episode of Holby City and the 37th episode of the 16th series.


It's the day of Amy's hearing with Serena, and her ever-supportive husband Raf starts to get uneasy when he realises her story contradicts Harry's. Knowing his wife never makes mistakes, he confronts Harry while they operate on an adulterous patient in theatre. When Harry admits Amy did cover for the mistake he made last week, Raf goes straight to his wife and demands the truth. Caught off-guard, will Amy spill the beans on what's really been going on between her and the handsome Harry Tressler?

Feeling more and more isolated from his team on Darwin after his spat with Jac, Elliot hides himself away in his beloved wet lab to work on the Herzig. Mo coaxes him out to treat a sea-shanty singer with an embarrassing secret. Elliot finds a kindred spirit in the shanty-singing fisherman and draws on this experience to find the courage to confront his own worrying medical symptoms.

Colette's bemused by Guy's latest gimmick on the ward - an infection control sniffer dog called Rex. But it would seem that Rex is not the only person to sniff out trouble when Colette's own canine senses kick into action as she observes intimate behaviour between Jesse and Zosia. Worried that Guy will find out about the latest couple on Keller, she confronts Jesse and pulls no punches in telling him what will happen if he doesn't end things with his best friend's daughter.