"For the Love of Maureen" is the 875th episode of Holby City and the 36th episode of the 19th Series. This episode sees the final appearance and departure of Derwood Thomspon portrayed by Ben Hull and Mo Effanga portrayed by Chizzy Akudolu


It's crunch time for Mo, who has some difficult life choices to make, and a patient who is dear to Ric forces him to try and mend some broken ties. Meanwhile, Jasmine has growing suspicions of Fran's intentions with Jac - could she be on to something? As Mo and Mr T try to adjust to co-parenting, a familiar case challenges Mo to see how short life is - will she pick up the gauntlet and fight for what she really wants? Ric is forced to face up to his shortcomings when a family member is admitted - can he humble himself to put things right for the greater good? As Jasmine and Jac's relationship continues to thaw, Jasmine begins to grow suspicious of Fran's attempts to befriend Jac.