"Friends Like You" is the 685th episode of Holby City and the 2nd episode of the 16th series.


Harry struggles to confront his old school friend when he turns up on the ward, but when drugs go missing and Finn becomes ill Harry is forced to act. Unfortunately Ric is less than impressed when he discovers Finn on the ward again, and Gemma pays the price of Harry's actions.

Arthur's guilt over the car crash, which led Chantelle to be in hospital, blinds him to what she really needs. Hoping a day on Keller will help Chantelle, he is gutted when his worry for her safety leads him to overreact with a patient. He finally realises what she really needs, and is delighted when Chantelle agrees to move in with him.

Mo's day goes from bad to worse when the men in her life make her question her romantic choices. Things finally start to improve when she clears the air with Sacha over their mistaken kiss - that is, until Jonny discovers who 'Mr Semi' really is!

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