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Gina Hope the wife of cardiothoracic consultant Elliot Hope and mother of James and Martha Hope, appeared as a recurring character in 2006.


Gina has Motor Neurone Disease, and as her condition deteriorates, she becomes increasingly bleak in her outlook - at one point having a DNR put on her records, which Elliot directly defies. When she collapses at home, he enlists Martha and registrar Joseph Byrne to aid him in fitting Gina with a tracheotomy against her express wishes. Although Gina thanks him for saving her, she soon returns to losing the will to continue. She refuses experimental treatment in Singapore, and after befriending Connie Beauchamp, goes away to Switzerland to commit assisted suicide. She changes her mind about not telling Elliot at the last minute, and he flies to Switzerland to join her as she ends her life. Gina's death occurs in series eight, episode 52, though the character reappears in series ten in a fantasy sequence in the episode Elliot's Wonderful Life.

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