"Glass Houses" is the 848th episode of Holby City and the ninth episode of the ninetieth series. It was preceded by "Parasite" and followed by "Hallelujah". The episode was directed by Jan Bauer and written by Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope.


When test results confirm that Jac has a cyst on one of her ovaries, Mr T is concerned. But Jac doesn't want to engage with her own health issues and focuses her attention on her patient who happens to be Jonny Maconie's brother.

Raf is surprised when Kim's son Parker is admitted, having vomited up blood. He realises that Parker's mum's medical condition has hit the boy hard, and that he needs some time out from her.

Fletch feels concerned when a cheeky yet vulnerable patient with a gambling habit is admitted. Fletch soon realises that all is not what it seems.

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