Grace Beauchamp (born 1 May 2006)[1] is the daughter of Connie Beauchamp and Sam Strachan. Connie originally took care of Grace until 2015 when she moved to New York to live with her father. However, she returned with him in 2016 when he was in the UK at a conference involving cardiothoracics. Grace currently attends Holby Grammar School.[2]


Grace was born breach when Connie entered premature labour when shocking a patient with a defibrillator. She grew up with her mother as her father moved to live in New York.

In August 2016, Grace and Connie were involved in a serious rtc. Which grace was taken to Holby City Emergency Department by Air Ambulance which crashed.

=Behind the scenes

Isabella Harrington Clark portrayed Grace on Holby City for three episodes from 2008 to 2010. From 2014, Emily Carey took on the role of Grace on Casualty.


  1. Born on HC on 1 May 2006, but revealed to be 1 May 2007 more recently on Casualty.
  2.; School's name seen on the sports day banner in the Casualty episode "This Life".