"Hallelujah" is the 849th episode of Holby City and the tenth episode of the ninetieth series. It was preceded by "Glass Houses" and followed by "The Nightmare Before Christmas". The episode was directed by Jan Bauer and written by Becky Prestwich and Nick Fisher.


When Kim gets positive news regarding her kidney treatment, Essie must deal with the imminent departure of Parker, who has been staying with her. Desperate not to lose him, Essie takes decisive action only for a sympathetic Sacha to try and talk her round.

Ollie is devastated when Matteo reveals he plans to ask Zosia out. Unable to admit his true feelings, will Ollie lose Zosia forever?

Morven struggles to master her role as teacher, particularly with the unruly Cameron. After some advice from Jasmine and Bernie, Cameron and Morven realise that they actually get on much better than they'd previously thought.