"If I Needed Someone" is the 684th episode of Holby City and the first episode of the 16th series. It was preceded by "Like a Prayer" and followed by "Friends Like You". The episode was directed by Graeme Harper and written by David Bowker.


Malick struggles to accept that he is now a patient for the foreseeable future. He pushes his son away and doesn't acknowledge that he needs counselling for his trauma. He is stopped in his tracks when the truth hits home about his recovery and whether there is any hope he will work again, leaving him at a complete loss.

At the top of the day, Elliot is delighted to be working with his new mentee Zosia March, but she proves to be quite a handful when she voluntarily decides to 'psyche' a patient's mother - much to Elliot's chagrin. When the mother complains, he soon realises who he is dealing with in Zosia; she then reads him the riot act on why Elliot cannot get rid of her.

Sacha feels uneasy about lying to Chrissie over his secret kiss with Mo. He decides to come clean to his wife in the hope that they can fix their marriage and start afresh, but realises that being honest is not always the best policy.