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Imelda has an unwavering belief in the rule-book and an unrelenting determination to run things her way. That means no raised voices, no negativity and an absolute reliance on protocol over discretion. She’s determined to prove herself – both for her own sense of self-worth and to prove a point to the world – she is NOT to be messed with.

Imelda hates falling foul of bureaucracy and therefore she adheres religiously to the rule book as her crutch.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2012; 2016)



Imelda returned to Holby City Hospital on the 25 October 2016, where she was invited by new chair of governor Tristan Wood, to inspect the staff in the wards. Imelda arrived on AAU to watch Serena and her team, as she wrote down everything that happened, including the part when Jason spoke about becoming a porter and Serena's punctuality.

We later find out that Imelda has got a condition as to why she had to leave her pharmacy job that Serena got her.

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