Intensive Treatment Unit (abbreviated ITU, also known as the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a medical unit of a hospital used to treat the sickest patients. Patients sometimes recover there aswell after extensive surgery. Until Series 7 Episode 52 the unit was on the first floor, located on AAU, next to the nurses' station labeled: Intensive Therapy. The separate unit was built in Series 8 in late 2005.


  • Jess Griffin - staff nurse (AAU and it's Intensive Therapy section) (until 2005)
  • Paul Rose - head of anesthetics, consultant anestheist (until 2010)
  • Keith Greene - head of intensive care, consultant anestheist (until 2010)
  • Lisa Fox - staff nurse (AAU and it's Intensive Therapy section) (until 2002)
  • Annalese Carson-Spence - consultant anestheist (until 2009)
  • Zubin Khan - professor of medicine, consultant anestheist (until 2005)

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