Isaac Mayfield is a registrar in general surgery who worked on the Keller Ward of Holby City Hospital from June 2016, replacing CT2 Arthur Digby, until April 2017. He was fired after Dom reported his physical abuse to the police.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2016-17)

He arrived for his first shift at the hospital the morning after he'd slept with CT1 doctor Dominic Copeland, and they were shocked to encounter each other the next day. Dom initially tried to avoid him as he presumed that it'd be awkward. However, over the next few weeks, they began flirting with one another at work and eventually shared a kiss only to be interrupted by Ric Griffin.

In July, Isaac invited Dom to join him in attending a formal ball. Although Dom initially declined the offer, he later accepted and they ended their shift by heading off to London.

In September, Isaac's ex-partner turned up on Keller, and he realised that he'd have to choose between him and Dom when a tumour was found on his ex during an operation. He eventually chose to stay with Dom, convincing him that he was who he loved. The following week, Isacc asked Dom to move in with him.

In October, Dom helped Isaac regain himself a place in theatre with Ric by telling Ric that Isaac made a diagnosis on a patient. However, Jasmine inadvertently revealed that it was Dom who made the diagnosis, not Isaac. Hanssen told Dom that he would be joining Ric in theatre, which made Isaac angry.

At the start of November, Isaac and Dom's living arrangements were strained when their post got mixed up, and Dom discovered that Isaac had got a surgeon's scheme interview.

Later in November, Isaac was given the task to interview and pick from six junior doctors for who would get to be his research assistant for his project. Of the six, one candidate was admitted to the hospital and therefore couldn't compete with the others, whilst Dom got three more out of the picture by convincing one not to attend the interview, putting a laxative into another's drink, and digging up dirt on another candidate. Eventually only Dom and Jasmine Burrows remained, and Isaac offered the role to Jasmine.

In December just before Christmas, Dom's ex Lee was admitted with abdominal pains, where he was escorted by prison guards. However, Dom resisted Lee's charms to show that Isaac was the only one he cared about. However, when Jasmine accidentally deleted all of Isaac's files, he fired her as his research assistant, and was even more annoyed with Dom when he found out he knew all along. After the shift, he told Dom that their relationship was over, before standing on and breaking one of Arthur's medals. However, the following week he decided to twist the argument and act normally to Dom, which confused him. 

Behind the scenes

Marc Elliott portrayed Isaac Mayfield on Holby City. He made his first appearance in the series 18 episode "The Lone Ranger", and his final appearance in the series 19 episode "Someone to Look After Me". He was credited as a recurring guest character, despite appearing in almost every episode during his run, and working at the hospital.

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