Jan Goddard is a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Holby City Hospital.


Holby’s new Chief Executive, Jan Goddard, is keen to improve the relations between management and staff on the front line.

Interference in the ED

We are introduced to her in S16E3, when Charlie Fairhead attends a supper club with a dating agency, and is attracted to Jan. They get on well, but Charlie is shocked to discover the next day that she is his boss! Jan offers him a new Clinical Nurse Specialist post. And Charlie turns down their dinner date fearing it will become too complicated. In Ep.7, Charlie is keen to make a good impression, when Jan comes down to take a tour of A&E. She feels like she is getting in the way, when the staff are facing a busy shift. Jan tells Charlie he has got the new position, and also asks him out to dinner. Next episode, Jan and Charlie attend a charity dinner. She is annoyed when he abuses his position by talking about nursing issues. She tells him off, though they make up and go back to hers.

Behind the scenes

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Judy Loe portrayed Jan Goddard in Holby City from 2002 until 2003, she also made special guest crossovers to sister show Casualty, as Jan from 2001 until 2002 making a total of 22 episodes.