Jayne Grayson is a former CEO of Holby City Hospital.

Time at Holby City Hospital

Jayne takes over from Christopher Sutherland as the new Chief Executive Officer of Holby City Hospital's Primary Care Trust in episode "Under the Radar". She immediately makes a poor impression on several staff members by upholding Thandie Abebe's racial discrimination complaint against Elliot Hope, and making plain to Connie Beauchamp that she intends to bring about change within the hospital, welcome or not. In episode "The Q Word", she spends the day on the hospital's Acute Assessment Unit, shadowing Abra Durant. She halts his plans to perform charity operations at night, and later discovers that Maddy Young has taken Elliot's place on the racial awareness course she enrolled him on. She suspends both characters from work pending a tribunal in episode "Temporary Insanity", and goes on to further her growing unpopularity amongst the staff by again turning down Abra and Ric Griffin's renewed proposals for charity operations at night, explaining there will be no room in her budget for at least a year.

Connie remains ignorant of John's true identity until Christian Grayson, Jayne and John's teenage son, is admitted to hospital having drowned. Connie and Linden are able to save Christian, and Connie ends her affair with John, not wanting to be responsible for breaking up his family. Jayne took some time off in episode 25, to care for her mother. She returned in episode 35, to reveal her mother had died. She decided to readvertise the Director of Surgery job, after taking a vote of no confidence in Ric Griffin. She has since revealed that she wants Connie to take the job. She told Connie in episode 37, that she suspects her husband John of having an affair. Jayne then found out about Connie and John's affair and a month after decides to ask the board to give the Director of Surgery job to Michael and then she hands her resignation in and leaves Holby City in September.

Behind the scenes

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Stella Gonet portrayed Jayne Grayson in Holby City from 2007 until 2009, she also made special guest crossovers to sister show Casualty, as Jayne in 2008.

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