Jesse Law is a former consultant anaesthetist at Holby City Hospital.


Energetic, excitable and enthralling, Holby’s surf-junkie anaesthetist is always on the move. Fizzing with charisma, he brings an infectious enthusiasm to everything he does, galvanising and beguiling his colleagues in equal measure. Though a passionate team player, Jesse’s desire for novelty makes him restless, which explains why this most eligible of bachelors’ romantic attachments rarely last long. Emotionally astute and self-aware, Jesse knows his inability to Commit can impact on others; will this charming jester finally find love at Holby?

Time at Holby City Hospital (2014-16)

Jesse arrives at Holby City Hospital to secure a job as a Consultant Anaesthetist. Serena is not impressed by Jesse but his old friend and CEO Guy hires him. Jesse pretends to threaten Arthur but this proves to be a test and befriends him. It becomes apparent that there is an attract between Jesse and Guy's daughter Zosia. They later continue their flirtation and kiss. Jesse then tries to conceal their dalliances from Guy. While Arthur realises that they are seeing each other. Colette discovers their affair and warns Jesse that Guy will be angry. Jesse realises that Zosia is behaving erratically and ends their relationship. Guy discovers the affair and attacks Jesse who then leaves Holby City. Jac rehires Jesse to work as a consultant anaesthetist on Darwin and he begins working with Mo. Initially clashing with her, he convinces her to go ahead with an operation. When it is successful they discuss rivaling Jac and Guy's plans. He later sees Zosia and asks her out for a drink but she declines. Jesse mistreats a patient named Lisa Chad, after she tells him that Zosia is mentally ill because of Jesse. He is forced to attempt to make amends with Zosia to save Lisa's life. Mo develops an attraction to Jesse but is upset when she witnesses him kissing her sister Adele Effanga.

Behind the scenes

Don Gilet joined the cast of Holby City as a recurring character in early 2014, it was announced the Gilet would become a series regular and returned in late 2014 before departing in 2016. Template:Nav-Jesse