John Gaskell is a professor of medicine, Medical Director, consultant neurosurgeon and Director of Surgical Innovations.

Behind the scenes

Paul McGann  made his first appearance as John Gaskell on 5 December 2017. His casting was announced in April 2017. He came to Holby after curing a man's MND via stem cells which allowed him to walk again, which was met by some disbelief from his colleagues until he brought the man in. He later assisted Sacha Levy and Essie treat Jac Naylor after she was shot by Fredrik Johanssen by packing her with tampons and stopping a bleed by using an innovative although untested patch. He was later shown comforting Sacha when he found Raf dead in a lift. Later on, he asked Essie to scrub in on a surgery he was performing and they had a deep conversation.