Jonny Maconie is a former clinical nurse manager and transplant coordinator at Holby City Hospital.

Charismatic, cocky and roughish, Jonny has no qualms about telling a few white lies to stir up some mischief, but he’ll never compromise patient care and has a long-standing professional relationship with best mate, Mo Effanga.

He’d easily settle down with the right woman but until then he’s happy to have a little fun.

Time at Holby City Hospital

Jonny was recruited to work at Holby along with his best friend, Mo Effanga. Shortly after their arrival, Mo and Jonny perform a domino operation, which involves transferring a donor's heart and lungs to two different recipients. When Jonny began a relationship with Jac Naylor, he started lying to Mo and she felt pushed out. Mo was upset when Jonny continued to lie about missing their annual barbecue because he was visiting a relative – when he was actually with Jac. The pair were reunited when they saved the life of a patient who was a Jehovah's Witness, and refused to have a transfusion because her religion forbids it. Jonny and Mo's personal issues impacted on their professional lives when Jonny disobeyed Mo's orders regarding a transplant patient. Jonny allowed the patient to leave her bed to go to the chapel and she then collapsed. Elliot Hope threatened to remove Jonny and Mo from the transplant team, after realising there was trouble between them.

While he was attending a people skills course, Jonny met Holby's Jac Naylor and lied that he was a neurosurgeon. They had a one-night stand and Jac had no idea Jonny was really a nurse and about to start working at Holby. When Jonny was introduced to Jac as part of the new transplant team. Jac later became pregnant with Jonny's baby, but the couple broke up and Jonny began dating fellow nurse Bonnie Wallis. Jac also considered having an abortion after learning the baby had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, leaving it with just a 50% chance of survival.

Jonny was accused of killing a patient, but Jac Naylor hired a solicitor, and got found not-guilty, and then left the serial with Jac. He later re-appeared for one last time on the 23rd June 2015, with Jac.

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