Kath Fox formerly Shaughnessy is a former Ward Sister at Holby City Hospital.

Time at Holby City Hospital (1999-2004)

Kath is the mother of Health Care Assistant Danny Shaughnessy, and during her early years on the show escapes a violent marriage marred by domestic abuse to Danny's father. Her Christian faith is a strong element of her character, and she struggles emotionally when the hospital's Father Michael develops romantic feelings towards her. She rejects his advances, and he responds by attempting suicide.

Later, she falls in love with and marries Terry Fox, father of midwife Lisa Fox. Terry is suffering from cancer, and later takes his own life. Kath is accused of aiding him in euthanasia by Lisa, and is arrested and tried in court, eventually deemed to be innocent. She and Lisa do not reconcile until Kath departs from Holby, leaving the country with her most recent love interest.