Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon (born 13 April) is a former senior paramedic who worked for the Holby Ambulance Service. She joined the service in 2006, and in 2007 took up the role of Operational Duty Manager before leaving the service in 2016.

Interference on Holby City (2006)

In 2006, Mark and Tricia Williams are involved in an RTA and Dixie arrives with Greg Fallon as the first attending paramedics' team. When Mark and Tricia's daughter, Chrissie arrives to the scene, Dixie informs her of Mark's breathalyzer test, which was positive.

Interference on the Wards (2015)

In 2015, she went to visit Fletch on AAU when he landed himself in money troubles. He asked her to place a bet on a horse for him that a patient had told him would win. The horse later lost the race and Fletch told Dixie he'd pay her back every last penny but she revealed to him that she wasn't stupid, and didn't put the bet on in the first place.

Behind the scenes

Jane Hazlegrove portrayed Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon in Casualty from 2006 until 2016, she also made 2 appearances in Holby City, one in 2006 then another in 2015.


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