"Keep On Keeping On" is the 580th episode of Holby City and the first episode of the fourteenth series.


When Hanssen is met by Sir Fraser, he is confronted with the fact that the hospital's target to achieve FT status is now on hold. Hanssen knows that if the hospital fails, he fails as a leader. Aware that the fate of the hospital relies on today's performance, can Hanssen guarantee he's got the full support of his staff in order to make Holby's FT staus salvageable?

Elizabeth returns to Keller from compassionate leave, only to receive some unexpected news about her family. Unintentionally getting involved in a patient's life choice, she is inspired to make a big decision regarding her own future.

Chrissie is determined to prove herself to Eddi, as she's aware her nurse practitioner management module relies on Eddi's sign-off. However, her recent engagement to Dan means that her personal life is beginning to interfere with her professional one. Which will she prioritise?