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The Lead Consultant in General Surgery (Clinical Lead) is a position at Holby City Hospital. A person with this title is in charge of the department.

The Clinical Lead has a range of responsibilities, including reporting back to the CEO, managing rotas for the doctors and resolving any staffing or budget issues in the department. Although the Clinical Nurse Manager has authority over the nurses, the Clinical Lead also has power over the nursing staff.

The Clinical Lead is selected by the board, and appointed by the hospital's CEO at that time.

List of Clinical Leads

Name Duration Appointed by
Mike Barratt 1999-2000 Board
Ric Griffin 2001-13, 2015-16 Board
Michael Spence 2013 Board
Serena Campbell 2014 Henrik Hanssen
Fleur Fanshawe 2014 Guy Self
Guy Self 2014 Guy Self
Sacha Levy 2016-17, 2018- Ric Griffin (2016), Henrik Hanssen (2018)
John Gaskell 2017-2018 Henrik Hanssen

Deputy Clinical Lead

The Deputy Lead Consultant in General Surgery (Deputy Clinical Lead) is the next person in charge after the Clinical Lead. Should the Clinical Lead be absent for whatever reason, the authority is passed onto the deputy.

The deputy can be appointed by the CEO at the time or directly by the current Clinical Lead, often in times where there is a consultant shortage, there is no deputy. The Current Deputy is former CEO Henrik Hanssen

List of Deputy Clinical Leads

Name Duration Appointed by
Nick Jordan 2006 Ric Griffin
Diane Lloyd 2006-2007 Ric Griffin
Abra Durant 2007 Ric Griffin
Michael Spence 2007-2010,

2012-2013, 2014

Jayne Grayson (2007)

Henrik Hanssen (2012) Guy Self (2014)

Serena Campbell 2013 Henrik Hanssen
Sacha Levy 2010-2011,


Ric Griffin
Bernie Wolfe 2016 Ric Griffin
Henrik Hanssen 2010, 2012,

2018 -

Mark Williams (2010)

Sacha Levy (2018)