Kieron Patel is the son of Sam Strachan.

Early Life

Kieron Patel is the long-lost son of Sam Strachan (Tom Chambers). He was born when his parents were 17 years old, as a result he was brought up by his grandparents, thinking his mum was his sister.

In late 2008, Sam's estranged son Kieron came to visit him, and they decided to move to New York together, where Kieron was a successful violinist.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2008)

Kieron comes to Holby and he meets Maria Kendall and his father. Kieron falls in love with Maria, creating a love triangle with Maria and his Dad, Sam. In the episode Maria's Christmas Carol, it shows Maria's past, present and future. In Maria's future it shows three years later that Maria has moved to the States and married Sam and is expecting his child. For three years Kieron did not play his violin because he lost all his passion for it when Maria broke his heart. He smashes it in anger when Maria tells him that she only ever loved him as a son. After running out of the apartment he deliberately steps out in front of a truck. Kieron is rushed to hospital with serious injuries and flatlines while on the operating table. Maria tells Sam that she cannot be with him because of Kieron's feelings for her and she does not want to be responsible for coming between Sam and his son, especially as he has such a distant relationship with his daughter Grace. Without knowing how his father feels about Maria, Kieron and Sam leave for the United States. Template:Nav-Sam

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