Linden Cullen was a consultant general surgeon and clinical lead of AAU from 2008 until his death 2010. He was portrayed by Duncan Pow.

Time in Holby City Hospital

Linden Cullen arrived as the new consultant on AAU replacing Abra Durant. He soon took over as AAU clinical lead when Lola Griffin accepted a post-operative care consultant's job on Keller. He proposed the idea of making the AAU treatment room into a surgical theatre to Jayne Grayson. In 2010 she started a relationship with Faye Byrne who was back then married to Joseph Byrne. Their relations started to deteriorate in autumn 2010. Linden was attacked by a drug addict in the garden of the hospital and smashed a bottle to Linden's back of the head leaving him bleeding to death next to Faye and F2 Penny Valentine.


Faye's mental health started to deteriotate after Linden had died and was sectioned in late 2010. Penny found it hard to deal with his death as no full time consultant was hired and she had to be on-call for every night. With the arrival of Henrik Hanssen, who saw that the young doctor was in a lot of stress, appointed Keller consultant Michael Spence to head of AAU.