Charles, Lord Byrne is the Lord of Holby and father of cardiothoracic registrar Joseph Byrne. He first appeared on 3rd January 2006 and last appeared on 31st July 2007 when he died. He was a recurring character and was portrayed by Ronald Pickup.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2006-2007)

Charles first appeared in a series 8 episode "Mother Love" which his son Joseph also first appeared in. Charles constantly kept an eye out for the hospital's Darwin ward and had good relations with clinical lead Connie Beauchamp. He started having an affair with Keller registrar Jac Naylor behind his wife, Anne-Marie's back. Jac was dating Joseph aswell at the time and when she realised Joseph doesn't have enough power to make her consultant, she dumped him and continued with Charles, of which Joseph found up about later. Soon, Anne-Marie found out too and said he is immature. Charles has an ulcer which is operated on and starts having heart problems too which ultimately leads to his death on 31st July 2007 when Connie can't resuscitate him in time. His funeral is held in a local chapel insted of Westminster Abbey. Jac turns out too in his funeral leaving Joseph and Anne-Marie frustrated. Charles' name has been brought up several times after his death. Template:Nav-Joseph